September 📚✏️

We’ve had a great start to the new school year in Sixth Class! Check out what we’ve been up to below.

We began the year by learning about the theory of Multiple Intelligences. We discovered what type of learners we are and that everyone is intelligent in their own way. We have also been implementing a Growth Mindset in our class by learning about how our brain functions and how we can achieve anything through hard work and perseverance.

At his retirement assembly, we read our memories of Canon McKinley watched the Garda Band perform. Watch some clips here:

We held our Committee elections. Congratulations to our Student Council Presidents – Alice Lyster and Matthew Ryan, our Green Schools Committee members – Jack Nolan and Juliet Trenaman, and our Active School Committee members – Erin Anthoni and Tristan Magennis.

20 years on, we remembered what happened on September 11th 2001 and learned about the heroes of that day.

In Irish, we learned the song ‘Stocadh Brocadh’ which is ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ as Gaeilge. Watch here:–j2xIpwH9/view?usp=sharing

We’ve been doing English stations each week and enjoying using the new iPads!

We were the first class to perform at a whole school assembly. Check out the video here:

In general, we’ve been working hard and enjoying being around our friends every day.

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