October 🎃👻

Take a look at what 6th Class got up to in October!

We watched a Zoom interview with David Walliams! Check out the school newsletter for Juliet’s recount of the event.

We went to the school Book Fair.

We’ve been listening to a mystery podcast called ‘Six Minutes’ and creating detective boards to try and figure out what happened!

We designed Christmas cards! Most of the class drew Christmas trucks but some decided to do their own Art! Here is a selection:

We partook in a biodiversity workshop with Goska from Heritage in Schools. She showed us how the food chain works and we also got to see the skulls of various animals.

We did some gardening with Cherry and planted garlic and tulips.

We marked Anti-Bullying week. This year our theme was T.H.I.N.K – is what you’re saying True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind?

We celebrated Maths week! Look at some of the active Maths that we’ve being doing:

We did a variety of Halloween activities this week:

Including a pumpkin carving competition 🎃

And dress-up day! 👻

Happy Halloween, everyone! Have a great mid-term!


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