February ☘️

Every Wednesday in 6th Class we do ‘Caint Céadaoin’ where we try to speak as much Irish as possible! We were only allowed to speak Irish during football so we wrote all of the phrases we needed on wristbands to help us!

Tuesday 8th March was Safer Internet Day. We did a lot of work in class about staying safe online, but our favourite activity was playing the internet safety game ‘Interland’.

You may have seen that we had a Zoom call with Ms. Masterson’s cousin from Australia last month. Based on the information we learned, we did the projects below.

We were learning about positive and negative numbers in Maths so Róisín and Lily-Rose drew a number line outside that we could stand on to help us learn!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day!

We also marked Black History Month by learning about the Black Lives Matter movement and discussing ways in which we can be more accepting of diversity. 

We’ve been doing a lot of rehearsals for our Panto and we can’t wait for you all to see it! We also visited the younger classes ‘in character’ and they really enjoyed it. The infant classes came to watch some rehearsals, as well!


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