Week 1 Homework

Hi Sixth Class,

Please see below your work for next week (16th-20th March.) I will update the blog next Friday with your work for the following week. Please also ensure that you completed last night’s homework (p.86-87 of your Discovery Book) to revise Area.

All work is compulsory except for the work in bold marked optional.

  • Continue reading your novel, however there’s no need to get your reading diary signed.
  • Continue on with Mental Maths (week 18), Tables Champion (week 20), Spell Well (week 23) and Fuaimeanna agus Focail (week 20) every day. http://www.potafocal.com is a good website to use to translate your Irish spellings.
  • Complete the first two pages of the Maths worksheets I sent home during the week. Optional: Complete the blue ‘Work it Out’ box on p. 154 of the Operation Maths Pupils’ Book in your Maths Journal.
  • Complete Reading Zone Unit 5: The Kiwi’s Gift (p.22-26) and answer parts A-E in the ‘reading’ section of your English journal. Optional: Complete parts F & G as well.
  • Complete Map Skills Chapter 12: North America – Countries and Cities (p.47-48.) Optional: Complete p.49 as well.

If you are looking for something extra to do, here is a link to some really great websites where you can play games, read books, make art, write stories, watch videos, learn computer programming, and so much more: https://whitechurchns.wixsite.com/whitechurchns/links.

And remember, the website www.washyourlyrics.com should make the next few weeks of hand washing more enjoyable! Just put in the title and artist of a song you like, click ‘generate’ and then click ‘download poster’.

Looking forward to seeing you all when we’re back to school!

Ms. Masterson

P.S. Take a look at this lovely blog post that Ms. Deacon put up about your paired reading with Junior Infants on World Book Day ☺️https://juniorinfantswns.wordpress.com/2020/03/06/world-book-day/

Pirates of the Curry Bean

With the release of the much-anticipated panto video, I wanted to share some photos and videos of the night and some behind the scenes footage, too! The experience of putting on this panto was something none of us will ever forget. I’m beaming with pride looking back on the amazing work that the class did and the consistent effort and time that they put into it. Well done, Sixth Class! 😃


Photos by Jonny Somerville

Behind the scenes 🎭:

Fun backstage:

The Mini Fair

Our annual Mini Fair took place yesterday. In Sixth Class, we were selling baked goods and we split into groups to work on the stall. I was so impressed by everybody’s collaboration when setting up the stall, selling the cakes and tidying up afterwards. It was lovely to watch all of Sixth Class using their knowledge of money to quickly calculate change, and more importantly to see how kind and friendly they were in their interactions with the other pupils. Thank you to everyone who baked or bought something. I hope you all had a great day!


Christmas in Sixth Class 🎄❄️☃️


There’s no doubt that December was a busy (but fun) month in Sixth Class!

Take a look at what we got up to:

We had our class Kris Kindle


We designed Christmas cards


Santa came to visit!



We read by the ‘fire’



We listened to the Christmas FM countdown


We decorated our class Christmas tree


We had some interesting debates…

And, of course, I’m not forgetting our school pantomime! Stay tuned for a blog post all about Pirates of the Curry Bean!



Science in Ballyroan Library📚

By Henry:

On Tuesday the 26th of November, 5th and 6th class went to Ballyroan Library to learn about palaeontology (the study of dinosaurs).

We got onto the bus that the library had provided for us and left school at a quarter past twelve. We arrived very quickly. When we got there we went straight into the library and Ms. Masterson told us to take a seat. We were seated in a semi-circle and there was a table in front of us with loads of beakers full of chemicals. Then a woman came in and told us that her name was Science Sue. She asked us if we knew any dinosaur names ending in “osaurus”. A few of us put up our hands and named some. Then she asked for volunteer. Loads of us put up our hands but Naoíse got picked. Scientist Sue pulled a fluffy teddy dinosaur out of a box. It was on a uni-cycle with two weights on either side. Then she asked Naoíse to hold a string that was tied onto a coat stand and she placed the uni-cycle on the string. It didn’t fall off! The weights on the sides balanced it and it rode from one end of the string to the other.

She then asked for a different volunteer. Hannah from 6th class got picked. When Hannah was up Sue was telling us all about discovering dinosaur bones and that you had to be so gentle because they could break. Then she said that in case the real bone went missing, got damaged or was stolen, palaeontologists would make a copy. Then she said she was going to make a copy right in front of our eyes. She obviously didn’t have a real bone but she did have a tiny toy dinosaur. Sue got the toy and pressed one side into a mould. She put a few ingredients together in a bowl and asked Hannah to mix it. It finished as a green gloopy mixture and then Sue told Hannah to pour it into the mould.

After that, Sue told us a bit more about the diplodocus and then asked for another volunteer. Alex got picked. She poured some mixtures together and then asked Alex to pour one last liquid in. Then it started to bubble. She got a matchstick and lit it and then blew it out. She put it onto the foam and the matchstick burst into flames again. Sue said this was because the matchstick still contained the heat. That is why fire fighters don’t just have to get rid of the fire, they also have to get rid of the heat.

Then, Sue asked for another volunteer and Sophie got picked. In this experiment they were mixing vinegar with acids and the mixtures turned different colours depending on the strength of the acid.

Sue asked for yet another volunteer and this time David from 5th class got picked. He had to mix all the things that the Diplodocus might have eaten and then put it through a tube and all the nutrients came out because there was holes in the tube. Then he had to squeeze them all out into a bowl and that was meant to be the Diplodocus’ poop!

Then we went back on the bus and got back to school. It was home time when we got back. Thank you Ballyroan library for having us.