June ☀️🎉🎓

In June, we started prep for our Graduation. This included painting our memory boxes and writing compliments about each other.

We displayed our favourite pieces of Art and work for Open Morning.

The bottle top mural was finished and, one day, we went outside with our sketchpads to draw it.

We did a Science Workshop with Eve Prendergast and got to use microscopes!

We did a Study Skills Workshop with Ms. Brown.

We had our Green Schools Flag Raising Ceremony and Juliet made a speech. Well done on all your Green Schools work this year, Juliet and Jack!

We had our annual Sport’s Day!

Past pupils from last year’s 6th Class spoke to us about their experience of secondary school and answered our questions.

For Active Fortnight, 5th Class set up Active Stations for us.

The Mini Fair took place. We worked on the cake stall and brought the Junior Infants around.

We went to Marlay Park for the day and even got a chance to buy treats in the Café.

Sixth Class battled against the teachers in our ‘Teachers vs Students’ competition and 6th Class won! It was also Random Act of Kindness Day that day and the whole school got ice pops.

We got pizza as an end-of-year treat!

We had our Graduation and BBQ!

Mark won the Gillian Butler cup for outstanding sportsmanship!

We went on our end-of-year trip to Petersburg Adventure Centre in Galway. Check out the video here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7JdEEG2SNPcWbUsW6

We’ll all miss you here in Whitechurch but hopefully you’ll come back and visit us! Wishing you the best of luck in your new schools – I know you’ll all go far! Ms. Masterson 🙂

May 🚌🏛🎬🍿

In May, we went on an amazing school tour to Leinster House. We got to watch the Dáil and the Seanad in session, and even got to have a soft drink and a treat in the Dáil bar. Thank you to our brilliant tour guide, Eoin, and to Neale Richmond for inviting us!

We also visited the National Archaeology Museum that day and explored the Ancient Egypt exhibition.

We used a range of Augmented Reality apps this month. Firstly, we used Merge Cubes to explore various educational objects, and then we used the Quiver App to make our colouring pages come to life!

We’ve been helping to assemble the Bottle Top Mural and can’t wait to see it displayed in the yard!

We had a ‘Book Tasting’ in our class where we set up a restaurant to ‘taste’ different types of books!

We partook in a Grammar ‘Escape Room’! 🔐

We had the premiere screening of our Panto, ‘Superstan’. Thank you so much to Mark Magennis, Sandra Younge, Nichola Kinch and the 5th Class Parents who provided food, decorations and help on the night!

We made our own gummy bears in Science.

We’ve been doing lots more learning, too, and have been enjoying using the courtyard to work outside when it’s sunny.

April 🐣🍫

At the start of the month, 5th and 6th Class went to Christchurch Cathedral for the book launch of the Living Faith, Living History Project that they completed last year.

5th and 6th Class also went to Marley Park for Leinster School’s Orienteering. You can read Percy’s account of this in the next Newsletter!

We had an Easter Egg hunt and raffle on the last day of Term 2!

Gwen Williams from Creative Schools came in to do some creative activities with us and to find out what creative activities we’d like to see in Whitechurch. See the next Newsletter for Erin’s write-up about this!

We had a Zoom workshop with the Museum of Literature Ireland. Luke wrote about this for the Newsletter so check it out!

Tristan, Mark, Juliet and Róisín attended the NCCA Beacons Event to help shape the redevelopment of the Curriculum. You can read more about this in the April Newsletter.

And, of course, we filmed our Panto, Superstan! Check out the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/705693983 and some photos here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1l2b8pjc8eq7KZeJCFcl3SvuMHN2imKKa

March 🎥🥞📚🇺🇦

Take a look at what 6th Class got up to in March:

We learned about and celebrated Pancake Tuesday!

We filmed our Panto, Superstan!

We ran the Bake Sale in aid of Ukraine and raised nearly €2,000.

We have been learning Italian with Salvo, who is the father of two pupils in our school!

We marked World Book Day by creating bookmarks, dressing up, and reading in some very unusual places! We also got a lot of new books for our class library thanks to the great recommendations from 6th Class! Our class librarians have been busy checking these books in and out of the library by scanning them on our new library app.

We visited the site across the school where an 400 year-old human skeleton was found recently. Read more about this in a piece written by Adam which you’ll see in the next Newsletter.

We ran the Siopa Gaeilge. All of the classes came to 6th Class to buy items from the shop and only Irish was spoken!

The 5th and 6th Class Boys’ Hockey Team won the Leinster Division 1 League! Congratulations, we’re all so proud of you!

February ☘️

Every Wednesday in 6th Class we do ‘Caint Céadaoin’ where we try to speak as much Irish as possible! We were only allowed to speak Irish during football so we wrote all of the phrases we needed on wristbands to help us!

Tuesday 8th March was Safer Internet Day. We did a lot of work in class about staying safe online, but our favourite activity was playing the internet safety game ‘Interland’.

You may have seen that we had a Zoom call with Ms. Masterson’s cousin from Australia last month. Based on the information we learned, we did the projects below.

We were learning about positive and negative numbers in Maths so Róisín and Lily-Rose drew a number line outside that we could stand on to help us learn!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day!

We also marked Black History Month by learning about the Black Lives Matter movement and discussing ways in which we can be more accepting of diversity. 

We’ve been doing a lot of rehearsals for our Panto and we can’t wait for you all to see it! We also visited the younger classes ‘in character’ and they really enjoyed it. The infant classes came to watch some rehearsals, as well!

January 🎬🎨

We started off January by leading a whole school assembly. Our theme was Epiphany, specifically the Three Wise Men. As you can see below, each pod worked on a different aspect of the story, creating art work and a script. We then recorded voiceovers on top of the artwork. Check it out here (and feel free to skip through the hymns!): https://photos.app.goo.gl/RP4JqoA9aCN5RdLn7

We also made bracelets this month.

We painted the backdrop for our upcoming Panto, Superstan!

We created structures out of Air Dough and painted them.

We had a video call with Ms. Masterson’s cousin, Ellen, from Sydney. She answered all of our questions as we are learning about Australia in Geography. Mark’s account of this will be in the next newsletter!

This week was Well-Being week. We had a Senior Assembly with Ms. Brown about our 5 Ways to Well-Being: Keep Learning, Be Active, Take Notice, Give and Connect. We did some mindful eating in class and, for homework, we made sure to do something every day to look after our well-being. We also had a video call with Ms. Barry where we wrote compliments about each other and explored gratitude and Growth Mindset.

December 🎄❄️

During December, onomatopoeia and long division were among the things that we learned about! We also made great use out of the new Chromebooks to do some writing as gaeilge.

Martha, Matthew and Juliet won this year’s selection box raffle!

November 🎨🚀

For our first school trip of November, we went to Christchurch Cathedral to look at the local studies projects we had done in 5th Class.

We also went to Ballyroan library for a Space-themed workshop. We learned loads about the planets in the Solar System and even got to make our own constellation projectors and rockets out of recycled materials.

Mr O’Leary, who comes into our class to teach writing during English Stations, held a procedural writing competition. Róisín, Alice and Juliet were the three winners!

We attended a virtual talk with meteorologist Joanna Donnelly. She even answered a couple of the questions that we had sent in!

Our Sixth Class hoodies arrived. Thank you to Nichola Kinch for organising these!

Some of us tie-dyed our hoodies:

We are pen pals with 6th Class in Kill O’ The Grange NS and we received our first letters from them! 

To end the month, we had a debate about Black Friday, discussed what we were thankful for on the day that Thanksgiving is celebrated, and got excited for the Toy Show by watching the best bits from over the years!

Stay tuned for our December blog post! 🎄

October 🎃👻

Take a look at what 6th Class got up to in October!

We watched a Zoom interview with David Walliams! Check out the school newsletter for Juliet’s recount of the event.

We went to the school Book Fair.

We’ve been listening to a mystery podcast called ‘Six Minutes’ and creating detective boards to try and figure out what happened!

We designed Christmas cards! Most of the class drew Christmas trucks but some decided to do their own Art! Here is a selection:

We partook in a biodiversity workshop with Goska from Heritage in Schools. She showed us how the food chain works and we also got to see the skulls of various animals.

We did some gardening with Cherry and planted garlic and tulips.

We marked Anti-Bullying week. This year our theme was T.H.I.N.K – is what you’re saying True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind?

We celebrated Maths week! Look at some of the active Maths that we’ve being doing:

We did a variety of Halloween activities this week:

Including a pumpkin carving competition 🎃

And dress-up day! 👻

Happy Halloween, everyone! Have a great mid-term!

September 📚✏️

We’ve had a great start to the new school year in Sixth Class! Check out what we’ve been up to below.

We began the year by learning about the theory of Multiple Intelligences. We discovered what type of learners we are and that everyone is intelligent in their own way. We have also been implementing a Growth Mindset in our class by learning about how our brain functions and how we can achieve anything through hard work and perseverance.

At his retirement assembly, we read our memories of Canon McKinley watched the Garda Band perform. Watch some clips here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RP2PvvMBcJuGiinY6Mi71ZMMDKfd1zia/view?usp=sharing

We held our Committee elections. Congratulations to our Student Council Presidents – Alice Lyster and Matthew Ryan, our Green Schools Committee members – Jack Nolan and Juliet Trenaman, and our Active School Committee members – Erin Anthoni and Tristan Magennis.

20 years on, we remembered what happened on September 11th 2001 and learned about the heroes of that day.

In Irish, we learned the song ‘Stocadh Brocadh’ which is ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ as Gaeilge. Watch here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FGc-KrVW8u-x5lIN6ZZCV4–j2xIpwH9/view?usp=sharing

We’ve been doing English stations each week and enjoying using the new iPads!

We were the first class to perform at a whole school assembly. Check out the video here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R3lsjkz1T_OoDSHHTPhJWqIxZewF6Ylp/view?usp=sharing

In general, we’ve been working hard and enjoying being around our friends every day.

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