April 🐣🍫

At the start of the month, 5th and 6th Class went to Christchurch Cathedral for the book launch of the Living Faith, Living History Project that they completed last year.

5th and 6th Class also went to Marley Park for Leinster School’s Orienteering. You can read Percy’s account of this in the next Newsletter!

We had an Easter Egg hunt and raffle on the last day of Term 2!

Gwen Williams from Creative Schools came in to do some creative activities with us and to find out what creative activities we’d like to see in Whitechurch. See the next Newsletter for Erin’s write-up about this!

We had a Zoom workshop with the Museum of Literature Ireland. Luke wrote about this for the Newsletter so check it out!

Tristan, Mark, Juliet and Róisín attended the NCCA Beacons Event to help shape the redevelopment of the Curriculum. You can read more about this in the April Newsletter.

And, of course, we filmed our Panto, Superstan! Check out the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/705693983 and some photos here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1l2b8pjc8eq7KZeJCFcl3SvuMHN2imKKa


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